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We'll be happy to help you with the following challenges

Solution architecture

We will design complete IT infrastructure solution to exactly suit your business or project.

Process improvement

We set up processes within the company so that they use IT as efficiently as possible and save time and money.

Software development

We will create a professional system according to your ideas and guide you through the entire development process.

IT project consultation

We will provide you with advice and experience for your IT projects and oversee its successful implementation.

System analysis and design

We will hone your idea and prepare materials for development according to your requirements and our recommendations.

Technologies we trust

  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • vue.js
  • Ruby on rails
    Ruby on rails
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Google AI
    Google AI
  • HTML
  • Node.js
  • Firebase
  • Stripe
  • Big Query
    Big Query
  • Mapbox
  • SAP
  • BMD
  • Power BI
    Power BI
  • mongodb
Do you also believe in these technologies? Do you know how to use them? Contact us and we will be happy to get to know you!




Mobile application from the field of tourism for data monetization. We are currently preparing the third version of the PhoneMaps mobile application for the Austrian company Freytag&Berndt with which we have been cooperating since 2009.
Mapa vlaků

Train map

Map portal for Czech Railways showing train connections, lockouts, and special events. Very fast represantion of large data on the map.


Mobile application for selling digital guides around the world. Applications in the field of tourism for a major German company Rother.
Real Time Cartoon Rendering

Real Time Cartoon Rendering

Quickly render a 3D scene as if it were created by a draftsman. Used for children's animated short films.
Chytrá sdílená tabule

Smart shared whiteboard

Simultaneous drawing on a shared virtual whiteboard for multiple users simultaneously. The desktop application also contains smart (vector) objects defined by a special language.
Analýza dat z CT

Data analysis from CT

Project for hospital Na Bulovce in the field of Computer Vision and Image Processing. Detection of pathological changes from CT (computed tomography) and MR (magnetic resonance imaging).
Rozpoznávání obrázků

Image recognition

The world's fastest image recognition of a specific type. The application is based on machine image recognition and indexing. This is a unique project using the OpenCV library.
První pomoc

First aid

A mobile application focused on the most important information that can save lives. It also includes a first aid button and important numbers for rescue units.
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